Enterprise communication and workflow automation

Build interactive low-code automations in your browser. Integrate with any API.

Cerb is a fully customizable, web-based platform for enterprise communication and workflow automation. The project has continuously evolved for 22+ years based on the feedback of thousands of teams around the world in almost every industry. It is used by everyone from solo founders to 1,000+ person teams managing millions of customer requests.

Cerb integrates with any API-based service. It can automate nearly any repetitive digital process with its specialized KATA language and browser-based coding tools. Automations add conditional actions to any event. Interactions extend any toolbar for complex multistep workflows that require user input.

Teams and individuals can build a personalized "mission control" using highly customizable workspace widgets to stay focused on their most important tasks. Custom records and fields organize of any kind of task (email, calls, social media, orders, survey responses, todo, etc). Pre-built solutions can be easily shared within the community using packages.

The most common use case is converting standard POP3/IMAP mailboxes (e.g. `support@`, `team@`) into high-volume team-based webmail with automated triage, internal discussions with `@mentions`, built-in productivity tools, custom actions, reporting, and a shared history.

An emerging use case is integrating with large language models (LLMs) to automatically suggest answers to customer requests based on existing team knowledge (documentation, FAQs, articles).

100% of the source code is available on GitHub. Try Cerb in Docker for free with no time limit.

Flexible data warehouse

Cerb is a repository for all of your team's contact center data. Create records to keep track of anything else you care about: survey responses, form submissions, customer satisfaction scores, orders, vendors, assets, products, deals, feedback, courses, students, licenses, and so on. Add fields like numbers/decimals, dates, checkboxes, currency, files, coordinates, lists, multiple choice, picklists, record links, URLs, or free text. Still not enough? You can create your own custom fields types.

Workflow builder

Rather than having to repeatedly search for the same set of records, you can create a fully customizable worklist and add it to one of your workspaces. Customize the layout of record pages and card popups. Add dashboards of widgets for visualizing charts, tables, time-series data, calendars, clocks, counters, gauges, worklists, and more. Use data queries to transform data from your records. Import and display useful information from external data sources. Create your own shortcuts to automate repetitive actions.

Graph-based searching

Explore deeply interconnected data with expressive search queries. Need a list of resolved email conversations, to customer support, in the past year, started on a weekday but outside of business hours, by healthcare clients in Europe, who have more than 100 employees, without an active service-level agreement; where the conversation included at least one female executive, had a response that took longer than a week, but didn't have an attached PDF larger than 1MB? Cerb has you covered. Anyone on your team can find answers without bringing in a database expert.

Automation engine

Streamline common workflows by creating bots -- virtual team members who can respond to email, create and modify records, answer common questions, gather information conversationally, exchange data with third-party services, send reminders, notify people, monitor metrics, and do practically anything else that a human team member can. Your team can build complex bot behaviors using only a web browser – even with no computer programming experience.

Endless extensibility and integration

Enable single sign-on functionality with any OpenID Connect or SAML identity provider. Import and export collections of related records with packages. Trigger and catch webhooks to handle real-time events with other services. Access and manage your data from any service with our OAuth-based REST API. Automate any OAuth-enabled API with connected services (Slack, Twilio, OpenAI, Hugging Face, GitHub, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more). Build customer-facing tools and services with community portals. Extend the platform with plugins.

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